You pay at the restaurant you eat in

October 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

Posted in: Worship Leadership

Sunday after Sunday we come to church expecting to be spiritually fed and be ministered onto. For me, there are Sundays when I can’t wait to get to church and see what God has for me and how I will be ministered to on that particular day. I just want to receive from God through the worship and the message either because I’ve had a hard week or am just going through a rough time. My heart is ready to receive. After all, we go to church to find God and receive from Him and one another right?

How many of us have heard the phrase, “you pay at the restaurant you eat in”? You may ask what does this have to do with receiving, giving, or serving? Ok, while “receiving” (being ministered to) is a part of attending church, sadly Christians have become very comfortable in only receiving and receiving and getting fed at the expense of others. In other words they are eating for free without paying for their food. And what restaurant can you go to and eat for free? Certainly there aren't many.

In Spiritual terms, the church we go to is the restaurant we eat in and we certainly wouldn’t or shouldn’t think that we can eat our food for free. Therefore, as Christians we need to realize that we need to pay for our food as well. First with our tithes and offering and second by giving back with the gifts and talents that God has entrusted us with. We must always have the mindset of how can I serve someone and minister onto someone today. We must keep our eyes open and let the Spirit help us discern and lead us to the people that may need some encouragement, motivation, and are looking to get fed and ministered to. We can be that person when we chose to pay and not and not always receive.

On that note, I thank God for all of you because you give and give and are faithful in your ministry. Thank you for feeding me and everyone else through your serving. God has given you the gifts and talents to use them for His glory and what better way for you to put them to use than in the church where He has put us in. When we serve we’re actually feeding and ministering to the body of Christ as a whole. So, while going to church and expecting to receive, we also have the mindset of going to church expecting to give as well.


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