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I’ve recently heard this term called “visual worshiper.” It’s a concept that considers the visual setting or environment where we gather to worship. It gives value to what we see as of a part of the worship experience. Consider the idea that if we are to worship God with all of our being – we can worship him with all of our senses as well. We worship physically with motion, with auditory expression (what we hear), orally/vocally (we sing to God), and I suggest our visual sensory could be a way we engage in worship as well.

I imagine that some people are intrigued by the beauty of nature – God’s creation. We are awestruck by its wonder and magnificence. What if we could stand in awe of God’s beauty, wonder, splendor and glory inside the church building? This is where I see visual worship coming into play.

I’ve recently become enthralled with this website called I get a weekly newsletter of stage design ideas and I LOVE IT! My wife, Katie, has to hear it all the time – “Look at how cool this is,” “How did they do this,” “I can totally do this.” It’s a pretty cool website.

Thus, I’ve been inspired.

With the launch of our all church Fall series – The Bridge Project. I wanted to test out some of the ideas I saw on my new favorite site. Once our Senior Pastor gave me the go-ahead, construction for “The Bridge Project” stage design began. With the help of a very talented volunteer, Pat Kersting, and our devoted Asisstant Pastor, Russ Bechtold, we constructed what looks like mini-bridges for all of our worship environments where The Bridge Project would be taught (Mt. Prospect, Palatine and the Amplify Youth Room).

Diptic 2

It was a lot of work – but its purpose is not to be cool or relevant. Its purpose is to create another way we could engage in worship. Another way we can imagine our God – his beautiful love, the wondrous work he is doing in us, and how He wants the world to see His glory. Stage design is about worship to our God.


For this same reason, a year ago, we added LED lights as a backwash; providing color and contrast to our stage. This is why we design bulletins to match sermon series and why we give attention to our worship slide backgrounds and sermon slide designs. We are all worshipers – visual worshipers.

Diptic 1

Perhaps one day we will be about to use the “sense-of-smell” to worship in the church building as well – can somebody say “air-fresheners?”


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