Utilizing your team to the best of their ability

October 1, 2013 | 0 Comments

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Being the head of a church ministry comes with different responsibilities.  One responsibility I feel is important is to think about how you can best utilize each member of your ministry.  Each person should have a role to play and feel important and their specific talents and abilities should be put to use.  But, as leaders, how do we do that?  How can we ensure we are emphasizing our team members strengths and putting everyone's abilities together to make an amazing finished product? 

As the leader of a drama team, I am able to use my team to the best of their abilities by getting to know them.  Having a relationship with my team members, spending time with them, finding out what makes them tick, and learning what their personalities are like enables me to place them in the roles that best fit them. 

You might be thinking, "Why does it matter?  Can't you just pick whomever to be in the drama, rehearse it and go".  Yeah, I could easily look at my list of team members, pick two random people and put them in the drama. But, would that make the best quality drama?  Probably not.  Because the dramas we perform are to enhance the sermon and help others hear what God is saying, I need to make sure the drama isn't something that's slapped together nonchalantly.  Every aspect, from the actors to the costumes and props, needs to be taken seriously and done to the best of our ability.  The more realistic and believable it is, the more the audience will relate, believe what they see, and be able to hear from God.

So, how do I go about making sure this happens?  First, I read over the script a few times.  As I read through it, I get a feel for what the characters are like; their personalities, appearance, etc.  Once I have this information, I think about the personalities of my team members and which ones would best fit the characters.  I also take into consideration who works well together so I know who I can pair up to work together in the drama.  

The second thing I do is consider the other aspects of the drama; costumes, props and staging.  I think about who on my team may have good organizational skills and/or a love for helping behind the scenes.  These are the ones I choose to help come up with ideas for these areas.  When necessary, I also have team members act as stage crew and help with moving any props and set pieces on and off the stage for the drama.  I try to make sure each team member is included in the process somehow.

Take a moment now and think about your team members.  What are their specific talents and giftings?  How can they best be utilized in your ministry?  When everyone's strengths are discovered and put to use, the end result will be amazing!




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