Performance = Stage Presence?

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Performance and ministry are typically considered to be a paradox. Its almost blaspheme to consider that what a worship leader and team does during a worship service for the congregation should be anything short of undefiled and sacred worship -- let along “performing!”

Performance, however, is defined as anything, such as music, drama, etc that is presented before an audience -- typically for entertaining purposes. The latter part, “for entertaining purposes,” is what causes the halt for most of us. We all would like to think that our worship leaders and teams are filled with the Holy Spirit to the point that they can’t help but to leap during a song or stomp their feet and pat their thigh to the beat. That’s their style of worship, right? So in order to keep the sacred sacred, worship ministries have adopted the term “stage presence” to describe the charismatic demonstrations of the worship leaders as they express their hearts to God.

Sure. We’ll call it stage presence.

No matter what it is called, there is something gravitating about it. Something contagious. Something that makes us all wake up, listen up, and join in the expression of worship.

I like to put it this way; worship leaders are leading the congregation in every aspect of worship -- singing and expression. If the worship team doesn’t lift their hangs, why would the people? We lead the people is worship, not in song alone. Physical expressions of worship are apart of the worship team’s role as worship leaders. As leaders, they go first -- they go before the people in song and expression. Thereby, creating an irresistible stage presence -- performing worship.

Here are a few example of what I mean:


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