Its So Hard to Say Goodbye...

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The best thing about ministry is the amazing volunteers that you get to work alongside for the same life-giving cause – The Gospel. Consequently, the hardest part of ministry is saying goodbye to any such volunteers, especially when they’ve made an incredible impact on the team and on you personally. As much as we would want to hold on to every talented team member, we can’t always do so. God often calls people to serve in a particular capacity or at a specific location or venue for a season. And then, he may redirect their assignment elsewhere.

We have experienced such seasons at Northwest Assembly of God over this past year. Many of our gifted and anointed team members have either relocated for work or school and/or have accepted new assignments elsewhere.

It’s never easy to say goodbye, but when you have to – here are some things I’ve learned should be a part of that process:

Don’t wait until they are leaving to show your appreciation for all of their hard work.When they are leaving, use this time to express your personal thanks for their dedication and give space for others on the team to do the same.Make the time special. Use experiences unique to the person. The entire time will enjoy the reminiscing of great moments.Keep in mind that it is hard for your volunteers to say goodbye too. Verbally, give them your full support and acknowledge how God is at work even in a bittersweet transition.

These are just a few, but key points I’ve learned. Northwest has been blessed with some incredible volunteers in its Worship and Fine Arts Ministry.

It’s so hard to say goodbye – but we celebrate your next season!


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