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December 8, 2013 | 1 Comments

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I think sometimes I take for granted how the drama team ministers.  Oftentimes I just think of it as ministry for others, not for myself.  But, it can be a ministry to myself as well. 

As the director, I read through the script over and over. I scrutinize it thinking about how the actors should deliver the lines, what props are needed, what costumes they should wear, how everything can be pulled together to best compliment the sermon.  Then we rehearse it.  I watch as the actors rehearse multiple times and I give them acting notes.  I always talk to the actors about how important what we do is and how God uses our pieces to minister to others.  I never stop to think of how God can use it to minister to me.

About a month ago, Pastor Rich was doing a series on prayer and a member of the drama team performed a monologue on unanswered prayers.  As I searched through possible scripts, I felt like God was talking to me.  I had recently been feeling like my prayers were going unanswered and I didn't know what was going on.  As I read through script after script, I  kept feeling like each script was talking about me and my situation.  I could hear God telling me that even though it felt like He wasn't listening, He was.  God was using the scripts I was picking to minister to others, to minister to me.

Sometimes I get so caught up in all the technicalities of putting a drama together that I don't take the time to really hear what God is saying through the drama.  I focus more on making sure everything is perfect so that others can be ministered to and I forget that the message is relevant for me as well.  What's that old saying?  You have to take time to smell the roses...Well, I need to stop and take the time to appreciate the message right in front of my eyes. 

Is there anything today right in front of your eyes that your missing?  Take the time and think about it so that you don't miss out on something God is trying to say to you.




Dec 9, 2013

Thanks for this Leah! What an awesome reminder to those who are involved in helping other connect with God. Today, I'm "stopping to smell the roses!"


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