The Worship and Fine Arts Ministry (WFAM) of Northwest Assembly of God invites you into our world of worship arts.  From worship bands to dramas, audio to visual arts -- the WFAM leaders produce thought provoking, fun, amusing and educational blogs about what it takes to make Northwest Assembly a place where you can engage in worship and feel at home.

Performance = Stage Presence?

January 10, 2014 | by: | 0 Comments

...there is something gravitating about it. Something contagious. Something that makes us all wake up, listen up, and join in the expression of worship.... Keep Reading

Its So Hard to Say Goodbye...

November 12, 2013 | by: | 0 Comments

The best thing about ministry is the amazing volunteers that you get to work alongside for the same life-giving cause �" The Gospel. Consequently, the hardest part of ministry is saying goodbye to any such volunteers, especially when they’ve made an incredible impact on the team and on you personally. ... Keep Reading

Sunday after Sunday we come to church expecting to be spiritually fed and be ministered onto. For me, there are Sundays when I can’t wait to get to church and see what God has for me and how I will be ministered to on that particular day. I just want to receive from God through the worship and the message either because I’ve had a hard ... Keep Reading

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Worship Leadership

Onward and Upward

October 9, 2013 | 0 Comments

Our ultimate goal is to serve God through whatever channel we have to reach others- either by music, conversation or by our actions.... Keep Reading

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Worship Leadership

Being the head of a church ministry comes with different responsibilities.  One responsibility I feel is important is to think about how you can best utilize each member of your ministry.  Each person should have a role to play and feel important and their specific talents and abilities should be put to use.  But, as leader... Keep Reading

Visual Worshipers

September 18, 2013 | by: | 0 Comments

Consider the idea that if we are to worship God with all of our being �" we can worship him with all of our senses as well. We worship physically with motion, with auditory expression (what we hear), orally/vocally (we sing to God), and I suggest our visual sensory could be a way we engage in worship as well.... Keep Reading

How awesome is it to know that although music styles come and go with the times, our God is the one constant yesterday, today and forever?... Keep Reading

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Worship Leadership

Most people probably see theatre and drama as a way to be entertained.  It's getting dressed up on a Friday night, going to see a play or a musical, and enjoying the journey the actors take you on for two hours.  And, while theatre is all of that (and more), it is also a fantastic ministry tool. Plays, musicals, and short skits take you ... Keep Reading

Worship Experience...That’s what our goal is each week, to create an interactive experience in hopes that each person who enters the doors of the Church has an encounter with the True, Almighty, and Fundamentally-Good God.... Keep Reading

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