Pastor Russ Bechtold


Name & Title:  Russ Bechtold - Assistant Pastor

Family:  Married to Ginger for 44 years; we have 3 grown sons and 12 grandchildren

Testimony in two sentences or less:  I turned my life over to Jesus at the age of 16 after learning that salvation is a free gift, not something I have to earn.

Favorite sports team: I don’t follow current sports, but historically I am a student of baseball in general and the Brooklyn Dodgers specifically.

Person I’d like to meet:  Duke Snider and Jonathan Edwards

Favorite place you've been/place you'd like to go:  For years we’ve worked on the art of being content wherever we are. We’re happy where we are and have no plans or desires to initiate a change or to see something else. Our travel plans always involve visiting family.

How did you wind up at Northwest: We were part of a house church for 15 years; when it disbanded in 1991, we began attending Northwest.  We have lived in Mt. Prospect since 1980, and have always had a desire to be involved in the community.

Favorite Bible Character (besides Jesus): Daniel

Biblical miracle would you like to see first hand:  The floating ax head in II Kings 6:6

Favorite movie:  Ben Hur (I saw it a few days after I committed my life to Christ, and it really helped to solidify my faith). Tucker, Rudy, Hoosiers, Patton.

Favorite Character from movies/TV/books:  Columbo

Top 3 books (beside the Bible):  Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, The Sovereignty of God by AW Pink, The Richest Man in Babylon.

Hobbies:  Reading

Favorite Pizza Toppings:  I like the “garbage” or “deluxe” or whatever you call it pizza.

Secret skills/hidden talents:  I love to mow the lawn using a hand (non-motorized) lawn mower.