Pastor Rich Weller



Name & Title: Rich Weller - Lead Pastor

Family: My beautiful wife Jane and two awesome daughters Emma and Leah

Testimony in two sentences or less: forgiven and blessed

Favorite Sports Team(s): Boston Red Sox

Person/People I'd like to meet: Andy Stanley

Favorite place you've been/place you'd like to go: Hawaii and Disneyworld

How did you wind up at Northwest: I came from Canada as a youth pastor in 1997, and in 2002 became the pastor of Northwest, a church and people who are amazing!

Favorite Bible Character (besides Jesus): Nehemiah

Which Bible miracle would you like to see first hand?: God providing the temple tax - Matthew 17:24-27

Favorite Movie: Christmas Vacation & Fireproof

Favorite Character from movies/TV/books: Kramer

Top 3 books (beside the Bible): The Blessed Life - Robert Morris, The Circle Maker - Mark Batterson and anything by Andy Stanley

Hobbies: family, travel, watching the Red Sox on TV

Favorite Pizza Toppings: cheese and pepperoni

Secret skills/hidden talents: World Renowned Hockey Player